Control panel BFT THALIA P with 24 V display for swing gates.

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Control panel with display for one or two 24 V electromechanical operators for swing gates.

Power supply: 230V single phase.

Drive power supply: 24V DC current maximum 240 W for each drive.

Key features: color-coded plug-in terminal blocks developed according to the new standard, simplified script-based programming with display and two-channel receiver, D-Track protection system, slowdown system for opening and closing, and electronic self-learning.

Main functions: automatic re-closing, quick closing, partial opening, safety button.

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AUX 0 Contact powered by 24 V N.O. (1 A max.)
AUX 1 Contact aligned 220-230 V NO (5 A maximum)
AUX 2 Contact (NO) (220-230 V ~ / 5 A maximum)
Dielectric strength network / bit 3750 VAC for 1 minute
LOCK Output for electric lock 12/24 V / Latching (max. 30 W) / Magnetic (max. 15 W)
Mains isolation / low voltage 2 & gt; 2 MOhm 500 V
Mains powered 220-230V 50/60Hz
Manufacturer country Italy
Max. number of radio controls that can be stored in memory 63
Maximum engine power, watts 240W + 240W (24V ...; max 50 ° C)
Motor output current 7.5A + 7.5A maximum
Number of combinations 4 billion
Power supply for additional devices 24V ~ (max absorption 1A) / 24V ~ safe voltage
Switching current of motor relay 10A
Thermal protection, ° C Software
Working temperature, ° C -10 ... +55 °C

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