PERSEO CBE - Bollard Control Unit

  • Brands BFT
  • Product Code: PERSEO CBE
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  • 370.00€

Control unit with U-Link, receiver and built-in heating board (up to -40 ° C) for electromechanical and hydraulic bollards. Can drive a maximum of 4 bollards at a time (or a maximum of 2 Xpass 1200s).

Board power supply: single-phase 230V.

Output power: 230 V, single phase, max. 12 A.

Key features: removable terminal blocks, digital programming, 3-digit display, socket for Proxima programmer, dual-channel receiver with 2048 recording capability, heating board for operation down to -40 ° C, full support for anti-terrorist poles, 11 inputs, 9 outputs.

Key features: U-Link interconnection, auto-reclosing, separate opening and closing, pre-flashing, operator disability control switch, automatic or semi-automatic, open and close limit switch control, UPS connectivity.

BFT bollard control unit, supports up to 4 posts, built-in receiver (up to 2048 consoles), built-in heating board.

Manufacturer country Italy
U-Link Yes

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