Roger Technology B70 / 2DC / BOX control unit

  • 249.00€

The Roger Technology B70 / 2DC / BOX control unit is used to control 1 or 2 Roger brushless motors based on sophisticated algorithms that allow you to control the gate leaf position and the current leaf load.

The system can be equipped with the following additional equipment:

  • Photocell safety
  • Signal lamp
  • External step control button
  • External three-button post
  • Escort light
  • Built-in or external radio receiver
  • Gate open / closed indicator
  • Delayed start timer.

The control unit can be configured in two modes: "Basic" and "Advanced". Basic Mode allows you to set the minimum number of parameters required for the system to function. This mode is recommended for installers without sufficient experience in installing this type of equipment. "Advanced Mode" provides detailed system configuration. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the control unit's capabilities and adjustable parameters from the installer.

Accessory power 10W, 24V DC
Engine management Field Orientation Sensor (Foc)
Engine rated power, W 40
Engine's type Brushless, ("Roger brushless")
Maximum engine power, watts 110
Maximum power consumption from the network, Watts 350
Maximum power of accompanying light 100W, 230V - 40W AC / DC
Maximum power of the electric lock 15W, 12V DC
Motor supply voltage 24V DC
Number of engines 2
Open gate indicator power 3W, 24V DC
Overall dimensions, mm 330х230х115
Protection degree, IP 54
Signal lamp power 25W, 24V DC
Supply voltage, V 230V ± 10% 50Hz
Weight, kg 3.9
Working temperature, ° C -20 ... +55 °C

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