Roger Technology EDGE1 / BOX control unit

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Roger Technology EDGE1 / BOX

Digital control unit 36V for 2 BRUSHLESS actuators, in a plastic case.

The EDGE1 / BOX is a further development of Roger brushless control units for two swing drives. Supply voltage 36V.

The EDGE1 / BOX unit is developed on the basis of sophisticated algorithms that allow you to control the position of the gate leaves and the current load.

The EDGE1 / BOX unit is designed to control powerful drives for large doors "SMARTY" series and drives with increased speed of movement - series "SMARTY HS".

For ease of adjustment, it is equipped with an electronic display.

The EDGE1 / BOX unit can be used with actuators of the BE20 / 200 / HS, BE20 / 400, BR20, BH23 / 282, BH32 / 252 / HS, BR21, BR21 / 351 / HS, SMARTY5, SMARTY7, SMARTY7R series,


Configurable parameters:

  • Smooth start
  • Smooth braking
  • Drive force adjustment
  • Obstacle detection mode
  • Possibility of connecting an electric lock
  • The control unit is configured only in advanced mode
Battery connectivity available
Compatible with drives Roger Technology
Features of the Brushless, intensive
Lamp voltage 24V DC
Maximum engine power, watts 250
Maximum output current of accessories 20 W (24 V DC)
Maximum power of the electric lock 15W (12V DC)
Number of drives 2
Overall dimensions, mm 330х230х115
Power supply, V 230 VAC - 50 Hz
Purpose For swing gates
Series EDGE
Weight, kg 5.7

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