Roger Technology H70 / 200 AC / BOX control unit

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Roger Technology H70 / 200 AC / BOX multifunction control unit for two motors with electronic programming display.

The system setting is possible in the basic mode, when the setting is made according to 16 basic parameters. And in advanced mode, when all 55 adjustable parameters can be set. The H70 / 200AC series control unit and its modifications provide constant control of the effort required to move the gate. In the event of a collision with an obstacle, the gate movement will be stopped.


  • The control unit can work with asynchronous single-phase motors powered by 230 V alternating current.
  • The unit can work with electric motors equipped with an encoder control system, with built-in or remote limit switches.
  • The bright 4-digit display shows the status of all inputs in the system.
  • During adjustment, the display shows the selected parameter and its value.
  • The block provides the possibility of smooth start and smooth stop of the doors to reduce inertial loads when automating heavy doors.
  • Simple programming makes setting up the unit quick and easy.
  • All settings made can be password protected.
Compatible with drives Roger Technology
Manufacturer country Italy
Maximum current of motors, A 5
Maximum current of the phototest, A 0.5
Maximum current strength of additional equipment, A 0.5
Maximum engine power, watts 1000
Maximum phototest voltage, V 24
Maximum power of the electric lock 2 watts
Maximum power of the flashing lamp, W 40
Maximum power of the open gate indicator, B 2
Maximum voltage of additional equipment, V 24
Maximum voltage of open gate indicator, V 24
Maximum voltage of the electric lock, V 24
Number of drives 2
Overall dimensions, mm 228х307х118
Power consumption 1 А
Power supply, V 230
Protection degree, IP 54
Purpose For swing gates
Series Roger H70
View Built-in
Weight, kg 2.1
Working temperature, ° C -25 ... +55 °C

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