Electromechanical operator SPIN23 BDKCE for the automation of sectional doors up to 9.6 m2

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SPIN is a series of electromechanical operators for the automation of sectional doors up to 9.6 sq.m. (SPIN22KCE, SPIN23KCE) and up to 16.5 sq.m. (SN6041) with drive rack with toothed belt.

A high-tech operator that allows you to solve a wide range of automation tasks for sectional doors.

It offers a high level of security and has a number of functions that make the garage door run smoothly for the comfort of everyday use.

Convenient for installation:

  • Easy and quick installation even in confined spaces;
  • Built-in control unit with easy access;
  • Function programming with only 3 buttons;
  • One-piece steel rail 35mm thick;
  • Thanks to BlueBUS technology, control and safety devices are connected to the control unit with just two wires, polarity-free;
  • Opera - simple and fast programming;
  • Solemyo - autonomous operation from solar energy;
  • SM connector for connecting radio receivers (SMXI, SMXIS, OXI);

Functional for the user:

  • Quiet operation of the drive thanks to the use of a reinforced belt;
  • Built-in signal lamp, which can be used both to illuminate the room and to alert about system failures;
  • Possibility to control the drive by means of a built-in cord switch;
  • Power saving mode;
  • Smooth start and stop;
  • Backup power supply from the PS124 rechargeable battery installed inside the drive housing;
  • Ample opportunities for connecting security elements;
  • Automatic closing function;
  • Mode of incomplete opening of the gate wing (room ventilation mode).

The OVIEW device in Opera allows you to fine-tune the parameters of the control unit and activate additional functions that are not available in the standard setting.

Engine force, N 650
Gate area, m2 10.5
Gate height, m 2.4
Gate movement speed, m / min 12
Intensity, % 50
Manufacturer country Italy
Power consumption 0.8 А
Power supply, V 24
Power, W 250
Protection degree, IP 40
Type of drive Domestic
Working temperature, ° C -20 ... +50 °C

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