Maxi set Roger Technology KIT R30 / 806 for sliding gates up to 800 kg with mechanical limit switches

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Self-locking electromechanical operator Roger Technology R30 / 803 for sliding gates weighing up to 800 kg with mechanical limit switches

Microprocessor logic provides a wide range of specialized control functions to meet the needs of the most demanding customer. Thanks to the integrated installation, all installation work and electrical connections are greatly simplified. For additional protection against adverse external influences, the electronic board is covered with a plastic cap.

Safe operation of the gate is realized by means of an electronic encoder included in the standard package, which constantly monitors the movement of the leaf and ensures that it stops or reverses in the presence of an obstacle. In addition, the reader allows you to activate the soft stop modes of the gate when the opening and closing cycles are completed.

A self-locking gearbox ensures that the gate is locked, eliminating the need to install additional locks. In the event of a power outage for manual opening of the gate, a practical unlocking handle is provided, which can be unlocked with a personal key.

The position of the actuator relative to the mounting base is adjusted with steel studs at six points. The elongated shape of the slots for the anchor bolts allows you to change the contact area of ​​the drive gear with the gate rack. Thus, absolute stability and absence of vibrations in the system is achieved.

Free rotation of the drive shaft of the gearbox is ensured by the use of radial rolling bearings. To reduce friction and, consequently, the heating and wear of parts, the worm screw and the intermediate gear are made, respectively, of steel and bronze, which significantly increases the efficiency of the drive.

On gates with automated drives with mechanical limit switches, ice build-up on the rack, formed in adverse weather conditions, can cause the gate stop position to shift. Such accidents are excluded for models of the R30 series equipped with magnetic limit switches. Permanent magnets absolutely reliably and precisely position the end points of the sash travel


  • electric drive R30 / 804 - 1 piece
  • control board 230V Н70 / 104АС - 1 piece
  • internal 2-channel receiver H93 / RX22A / I - 1 piece
  • 2-channel radio remote control E80 / TX52R / 2 - 2 pcs.
  • infrared photocells R90 / F2ES - 1 pair
  • signal lamp 230V Fifty / 230 - 1 piece
Continuous working time 4 min
Engine force, N 500
Gate movement speed, m / min 9.5
Gate weight, kg 800
Gate width, m 12
Intensity, % 40
Manufacturer country Italy
Overall dimensions, mm 325x295x162 мм
Power consumption 3.3 А
Power supply, V 230
Power, W 350
Protection degree, IP 43
Series Roger R30
Thermal protection, ° C 150
Weight, kg 11
Working temperature, ° C -25 ... +70 °C

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