Operator for sliding gates up to 600 kg ROX600KLT

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Operator for sliding gates weighing up to 600 kg (model ROX600) and up to 1000 kg (model ROX1000) with built-in control unit, designed for domestic use.

The new motor family provides door speeds of up to 0.18 m / s. They are characterized by easy assembly and setup, aesthetic design, excellent performance and reliability.

Reliable, robust aluminum housing ensures years of use.

230 V motor, the operator is equipped with a mechanical system that allows you to open and close the gate manually in the event of a power failure or gate failure.

The most important features:

  • the ability to adjust the engine running time;
  • regulation of drive force;
  • self-braking drive - means that the gate stops immediately after the engine stops - there is no need for additional mechanical locking of the gate with a lock;
  • function of soft start and soft braking - it consists in changing the speed at the beginning and end of the maneuver in order to avoid a strong blow or jerk when opening or closing the gate;
  • the ability to connect photocells and a signal lamp.
Cycles per hour 10
Engine force, N 600
Gate movement speed, m / min 0,18 м/с
Max. gate weight, kg 600
Max. sash length, m 8
Overall dimensions, mm 330x210x303
Power consumption 1,3 A
Power, W 300
Protection degree, IP 44
Supply voltage, V 230 / 230
Torque 18 Nm
Weight, kg 11
Working temperature, ° C -20 ... +50 °C

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