Operator ROBUS RB1000 for sliding sliding gates with a leaf weight of up to 1000 kg

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Sliding gate operator NICE Operator for sliding sliding gates with a leaf weight of up to 600 kg (model RB600) and up to 1000 kg (model RB1000) with an internal control unit.

With great power and high speed, with a modern electronic unit. Thanks to new technologies, the movement of even very heavy doors is quiet and smooth.

  • the function of a pedestrian walkway or "wicket", that is, a partial opening of the gate - thanks to it, when you walk or ride a bicycle, you do not need to wait until the gate opens to its full width;
  • automatic gate closing function - with the ability to set the time after which the gate will close by itself after the car passes, so you don't need to worry if you forgot to close the gate.


  • self-braking drive - means that the gate stops immediately after stopping the electric motor and remains locked from movement, as a result of which there is no need for additional mechanical locking of the gate with a lock;
  • Amperometric Obstacle Sensing System - Used to detect any obstacles that may arise during normal gate movement. Thanks to this function, when an obstacle is encountered, the drive stops the gate and changes direction, which makes the use of automation even safer;
  • "Phototest" function - before each gate movement, the control unit automatically checks whether the photocells are functioning and only when everything is working correctly, the gate is set in motion;
  • the drive automatically memorizes the end positions of the gate during programming.

Functionality and technology:

  • 8 levels of speed regulation;
  • synchronization of two drives to control opposite gates;
  • the soft start and deceleration function is to reduce the speed at the beginning and end of the maneuver in order to avoid a strong jerk or shock when opening or closing the gate;
  • the ability to connect a battery, thanks to which the device will open the gate even in the event of a power failure;
  • when the drive is not used for a long time, it goes into "sleep" mode, which significantly reduces energy consumption.
Cycles per hour 25
Engine force, N 900 N
Gate movement speed, m / min 0,28 m/sec
Max. gate weight, kg 1000
Max. sash length, m 12
Overall dimensions, mm 330x212x303
Power consumption 2,1 A
Power supply, V 230 / 24
Power, W 450
Protection degree, IP 44
Torque 25 Nm
Weight, kg 14
Working temperature, ° C -20 ... +50 °C

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